dczook is an author, musician, film-maker, and scholar, who also happens to be a professor at the University of California, Berkeley. With a background originally in mathematics and music, dczook’s interests have evolved to incorporate other fields such as international law, cybersecurity, comparative politics, peace and conflict studies, and human rights. His international research has covered a broad array of topics in various parts of the world, primarily in parts of Asia ranging from India up to North Korea, but also including Western and Northern Europe, South America (esp. Chile), nearly all of Oceania.

dczook is a storied character who tends to spend his time somewhere in between the realms of fact and fiction, celebrating both but committing to neither. He can sometimes be found answering to other names (aka Darren Zook, Zookeeper, or even Zookkini), but most of the time he doesn’t answer to anything at all. People who know him often claim he is obnoxious, yet at the same time, people who are obnoxious often claim to know him. So there is little to be gleaned about his true character from any other source except his autobiography, which he hasn’t written and most likely never will.

Growing up in various parts of the United States, most notably Ohio and Texas, dczook now resides in California, which seems to him like the place he should have been from all along. Lucky enough to have friends drawn from all walks of life from all parts of the world, he is thankful for what he has in life and not worried about what he doesn’t. The only thing he hates is hate itself.